Don't trust sonos to support their products


Sonos are ditching support for their Gen1 Play:5 / Connect / Zoneplayer products. They'll continue to function but not get any updates. Crucially though, if you continue to have a 'legacy' product in your system, any 'modern' products (e.g. a brand new device) won't get updates either, which means you may not get future streaming services etc.

Sonos wants you to recycle your old speaker for a not particularly generous 30% discount on a new device. 

What a waste...

Yep, Sonos, through choice, are making perfectly working devices redundant and encouraging you 

to recycle it (who knows if your local recycling centre will actually do so). The excuse of 'not enough processing power' is pretty weak. What more processing power is required to play audio that isn't being used already ? 

Hopefully there'll be enough resistance from existing owners and from customers not buying their new products that they'll rethink this.

Personally, I would never buy another Sonos product again. I already have £800 worth of now obsolete Sonos gear and I assume it won't be long before the Play:3s are dropped too.